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    1998 D1 Warner Robins, Georgia - Sold

    Price drop $1500
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    1998 D1 Warner Robins, Georgia - Sold

    PMs responded to.
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    1998 D1 Warner Robins, Georgia - Sold

    Got a break in the rain so I was able to get a picture of the door jams after work today. Minor surface rust on the arches and some on the passenger side pillar.
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    1998 D1 Warner Robins, Georgia - Sold

    There is a little rust but nothing major. I bought it Idaho and moved it to Alaska then to Georgia, which are all pretty dry climates.
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    1998 D1 Warner Robins, Georgia - Sold

    Up for grabs is a 98 D1 LE with just under 210K on the clock. I have owned this truck since 2006 and while my aspirations for making it a trail rig were always there, it never came to be. It has been a solid daily driver for the most of time I have owned it and even taken me safely from Alaska...
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    ChopBlock Alert! 1998 WHITE LE

    Do you have the right front turn signal and the right front bumper cap with hardware?
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    Strange Brake noise

    Re: Strange Break noise Get some anti-seize from a local auto parts store. Its real cheap. Also, visually inspect the part of your pads that make contact with the rotor. I had a similar situation on a suburban that I had years ago...turned out to be a rock caught between the pad and rotor.
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    ChopBlock Alert! 1998 WHITE LE

    I'm in need of the drivers seat controls, hood release cable and upper radiator fan cowl shipped to 31088. Thanks.
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    I'm pretty much famous...

    Congrats on your photo making the cut. It would have been nice of them to let you know it was going to print.
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    Addition to the family

    Congrats. Nice find.
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    Dying Leather?

    Sounds like it might be easier to pay a shop to do it.
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    Normal and max temp for D1?

    I have Torque Pro and it is well worth the $5 for the app. It is very customizable to your needs and has multiple screens/readouts you can design to your liking. I use it to mostly to give me real-time data on water temp, voltage and speed, as well as reading/clearing codes. The OBD2 adapter...
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    Factory amp bypass

    I have more of a hum in mine after I went with an aftermarket deck and bypassed the amp. You can only notice it when it initially comes on and as you switch radio stations. Mine is due to the not having a solid ground which is on my list of things to fix.
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    Factory amp bypass

    Do you have a lose ground?