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    2020 Defender

    Looks like a Honda Element anally violating a chevy product that has angry bird headlight covers. Gee, I TOTALLY want one of those.
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    Rovers with access height?

    I had both a 2000 P38 & 2005 L322 with air suspension. The P38 got all new air bags, complete rubber replacement inside the valve body, and some software modification to increase "high" height. I added a fitting for an air line to provide (limited) compressed air out in the world. I had...
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    2020 Defender

    I believe that dumbfuckery has been rising over the last decade, and while it may not be increasing exponentially, it is definitely accelerating. I live just off a 6-ish percent grade going up the first hill out of Denver. You simply would not believe the number of vehicles, especially as the...
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    They don't have salvage titles because they were bought at auction. They have salvage titles because the previous owner's insurance company determined the vehicle was a total loss for some reason.
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    2020 Defender

    That protrusion at the top of the B pillar is right where your head goes. No rear seat leg room. How about a functional arm rest on the front passenger door?
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    2020 Defender

    power sun visor "module" heated glovebox "module" 44" wheel "module" "Modular" means checkboxes on the order form.
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    Trails around Frisco, CO

    I don't get it. I bought a car so I wouldn't have to walk anywhere. So you're saying people "voluntarily" get out and walk?
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    2020 Defender

    I had the factory taillight guards on my first Range Rover. Came that way. Off-road, I was doing a turn-around in a limited space. Backed into something or other. The taillight guard broke, and crunched into my taillight. $300 taillight guard, protecting a $100 taillight assembly. Fucking brilliant.
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    A Better Discovery?

    Last week, we took a road trip to Vegas from Denver. Happily, I have a gasoline-powered automobile. If I had a cunt-wagon, I mean Tesla, I would have made it to Colorado's western border and run out of battery. And charged it where, in Fruita Colorado? Driving a Tesla is like wearing an ankle...
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    2019 4Runner Observations

    My daughter's car is a jeep patriot, 2.4L I4 with CVT. That particular CVT is a piece of absolute shit. It takes all the engine power in and keeps it for its own nefarious purposes, releasing only a trickle of power to the drive system. I don't know what its up to, or what it plans to do with...
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    2020 Defender

    I gave up on offroadable vehicles. I got a compact sport sedan, because fuck it. I don't camp or wheel more than once a year any more; the distance between "once a year" and "never" is pretty negligible. Might as well drive a car that actually responds when I press the go pedal, and is...
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    Looking for a Truck

    god i hope not.
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    NEW Tire Inflator or Air Compressor 150PSI 150LPM $20 Plus Shipping

    Speaking of Sonex... I was recently in a facility that manufactures satellites. They have a testing room, where they bombard the antennas with signals all over the RF spectrum. A BIG steel box (100+ feet in all dimensions) with sonex type material on every interior surface. The foam was about 4...
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    NEW Tire Inflator or Air Compressor 150PSI 150LPM $20 Plus Shipping

    Why do you have a C-stand in that room? I'm interested in one of your $20 compressors.
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    2020 Defender

    That's a lot of spokes on the wheel. I've got big paws, so that would really limit how I grip the wheel. Unsatisfactory. I appreciate the "stop" & "go" on the pedals, I always get them confused. I hope they'll make an iphone holder down there where the shift lever belongs. And integrate google...