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    Has anyone replaced their A pillars on a D1?

    Never attempted it or seen any postings about it. I've got some good pieces if needed, I can chop them off and put them in the mail.
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    Factory(?) D2 brush guard for winch tray

    I believe these are the part numbers if it helps in any way, sold one recently to a guy here in town. - Winch cradle. (LRNA31766) - Wrap Around Brush Bar for winch kit (STC7694) I can message him and see if he is interested in selling it, not sure the price but it is located in Alabama.
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    Transmission leaking badly - options...

    A lift isn't needed, I've dropped 3 out in my driveway using a floor jack and jack stands/wood cribbing. Yes, once you have the y-pipe out of the way, just remove that tcase and then the transmission.
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    Hood Release Cable

    Installed a Britpart on a 99 D1 last year, Had no issues out of it. Have one on my 97 D1, again no issues.
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    Wiring Hella Light to Aux Switch

    Yeah, I believe your issue is that the switch isnt latching. So its acting more like a button and only completing the circuit when you hold it down. Not latching on/off. I have the correct switch (and wiring), I can ship it just shoot me a PM.
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    Wiring Hella Light to Aux Switch

    Does the switch stay in position, or does it act as a button and go down and back up when you release?
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    Seat bolt pattern

    Attached to a bracket in the center console. Sorry for the cruddy photo, lens is busted on my phone. But I believe this is the mounting point where the latch was attached.
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    24 spline diff D1,RRC,90

    3.54 is stock D1 gearing correct? I have one in a 94 D1 I can pull out if so. 136k on it. Would be shipping from AL though.
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    WTB : Disco II Front Grille

    I've got a silver one, can ship it from AL. Just shoot me a PM
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    D1/D2/Defender/RRC Off-road & Spare Parts

    Are the OME 2766 coil springs HD ones for a D1? IF so price on those and the brake lines shipped to 35907?
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    1994 D1 Part out, with a few D2 things.

    No I dont, sorry.
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    Gas tank guard

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    Please help me understand

    Are those not some sort of spade connector inside the black plastic housings? Couldn't you remove the heat shrink to see how you need to connect the new wires and make one? Looks fairly simple.
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    I think you have the wrong photo attached.
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    Best diff guards for D2