Myrtle :: 2001 Land Rover Discovery II SE


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Sep 14, 2016
Suffolkshire, UK
The windscreen was finally replaced by Autoglass UK through my insurance company USAA. Even though I specifically requested a heated windscreen so I could program the BCU with a Nanocom and switch, Autoglass installers stated they had to install a non-heated windscreen. This was due to my cracked windscreen was already non-heated. I guess it’s an insurance thing. Oh well, I told them to crack on then.

They found 3 corroded areas on the top frame of the windscreen but not rusted through. I knew of one area at the centre that I previously treated with Capt Tolley’s and black mastic to stop the water leakage. They sanded down the 3 corroded areas, treated the areas with primer etcher (?) and sealed the areas with a thick sealant bead prior to installing the windscreen. Surprisingly they had new outer A-pillars with all 6 clips to install.

After a couple of hours, the job was complete. I was lucky with this lot. The installers mentioned they had completed quite a few older Discos in the past so they knew what to look out for.

Job well done.
Onto other maintenance items on the to do list to get ready for MOT.