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    Discovery-II Park Distance Control

    New in box, never installed. Retails for $570 at $150 or best offer. Fits '03-'04, might fit '99-'02 but would have to confirm. My wife bought me this and I'll never use it.
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    Double Post

    Double post. Sorry 'bout that.
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    '03 oil pressure...

    Parts from Rover used to come complete. TATA.
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    '03 oil pressure...

    If your wiring harness is ground faulting against the frame the idiot oil pressure light can light. I thought I had no oil pressure for months and pestered all the poor souls on this board until I had the truck at the dealer for a keyfob program and they found the harness resting against the...
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    how many miles on 03 or 04 disco

    2004 w/128K original engine. Running strong.
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    Premium w/10% ethanol or mid-grade ethanol free?

    Low octane will foul O2 sensors long term. Just sayin.
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    land rover 04 disco engine

    $15K is a steal for an indestructible all-aluminum classic Landrover than gets 28MPG.
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    FS: 5 Disco 2 18" wheels with 285/60/18 Nitto Terragrapplers A/T

    I run those myself. Terrific tires. Go through anything, jack the truck an inch, and not that much noise.
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    All the P38's I drove felt super-glued on pogo-sticks. An 8-yr. lapse in the brand's otherwise unbroken stride towards immortality. Until Xenon and superchargers. Ugh.
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    Rr Lwb

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    Engine rebuilder / upgrader needed (VA)

    Walid at Loudoun Rover might be interested. (703) 627-6594
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    oil pump failures

    You are better off avoiding 2003 VIN's in the TSB range altogether instead of trying to intuit an exception to the casting defect; unless of course you can steal one for next to nothing and pop in a new Coscast block from RPI for $6K. Then you're indestructible.
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    Just picked up

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    oil pump failures

    If the gears are not cracked on any '03 by 50K or so miles I would guess the dowels are fine and would not check them again. If they are cracked, replacing will not help; new ones will eventually crack too. Go Hokies is right! ('94)