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    This is now postponed. Between the BLM dragging out the permit process causing it to be last-minute, COVID, and gas prices not enough entries. This will now possibly be in October 2022 or December 2022. I'll post again when it's decided.
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    Nevada Trophy February 16 - 19, 2022 - Entry is Now Open Classes include: 4WD SUV/Truck, with Low Range Transfer; Pre-Runner 2WD; CrossOver AWD About Nevada Trophy… NEVADA TROPHY is the GPS Navigational Rally Raid Adventure!
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    Anyone have a review for the Atlantic British long or short block engines?

    If you want more serious info on a swap there's a group on Facebook called LS swapped Land Rovers. You may want to try Facebook for this.
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    Apparently, Buying a Car is Difficult...

    I went to buy a '77 Alfa Romeo. The moron sales guy wouldn't let me test drive it. so I got a '77 Lancia Scorpion. About 2 weeks later I took my sister to the Alfa dealer. Another sales guy walks over. I could see the moron sales guy in the corner. I loudly asked if we'd be allowed to test...
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    Nevada Trophy 2019

    The Nevada Trophy will be held December 5-7, 2019 in Northern Nevada east of Reno. This is limited to 30 entries. All makes allowed (must have low-range). Link to site for information and registration: *Please ignore November dates at bottom of flyer, thanks"
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    No more epic trips, or, the Decline of DWeb

    Should go to the Nevada Trophy in 2019. Will most likely be in June. Link to Facebook has the 2019 one in December.
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    No more bumpstocks

    I guess they can outlaw rubber bands, too.
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    Arnott airbags

    This happened to my 01 D2 I used to have about 60 miles north of I-80 in Nevada. Ring blew off (factory air bags). We couldn't get it on and made one out of 4 hose clamps. It held for the rest of the trip (another 120 miles off road) and back form Alturas to the Bay Area then I drove it a few...
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    Disco 5: Let the depression set in

    Isn't that redundant?
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    I am rich!

    They must have hired all the Nigerian Princes...
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    I must soon quit the scene

    You should buy a mortuary. After dealing with dead Land Rovers it should be a shoe in. Just don't sell body parts.
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    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    Wow. That's crazy. Only 61. Just read it was a suicide.
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    4HP24 Gearbox Failure

    If it's the P-38 I just had mine go out and had it rebuilt. I pulled into a driveway and when I put it in reverse to back out I heard a bang. The clip that holds the reverse stuff broke, the forward clutch pack was shot, too. Wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway plus the torque converter was...
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    Who is using 20W50 on their D2 V8?

    If you want to learn about oil.