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    7100 Series Remote Reservoir Bilstein Shocks

    Sold. Thanks, Jan
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    7100 Series Remote Reservoir Bilstein Shocks

    Pair of Bilstein shocks for sale. Price is $180 for the pair shipped anywhere in the lower 48. 10" Travel 14.2" collapsed length 24.3" extended length 360/80 valving No leaks and both are still holding nitrogen pressure Heim Joint Ends- all are free, can just feel a bit of movement in the top...
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    Test attachement

    Juat makign sure this works...
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    D1 Stock Rear Driveshaft (non-roto flex)

    Found one. Thanks. Jan
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    D1 Stock Rear Driveshaft (non-roto flex)

    I bent the rear driveshaft on my D1 and am looking for another stock one by this weekend. It's the type with U-Joints at both ends. I'll even take one without the drive flanges, as long as it is straight. I am located in Westby, WI. Thanks, Jan Smith
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    Everyone With 35"+ Tyres

    I thought about the HP rear when I did it but decided on the low pinion for the higher gear strength and I could get one cheaper that was setup with factory gears. No vehicles had 5.56?s stock in a HP diff. Looking back at it now it really didn?t save that much as I chipped the teeth on the...
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    Everyone With 35"+ Tyres

    It's a low pinion rear diff and I am running RTE lowers with stock upper mount. With the pinion angle set parallel to the ground I do occasionally catch it. With a CV drive shaft I can tip the pinion up to get a little more clearance and I get the added benefits of pulling the rear tires ahead...
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    Everyone With 35"+ Tyres

    I debated this quiet a bit when I setup mine as well. Here is what I have ended up with. 3" RTE springs- retained 12" Bilstien short body shocks all the way around RTE rear lower arms Toy conversion- 4.56's and elockers 35x12.5" MTR's- on 8x15" rims with 3.75" backspacing Lots of trimming and...
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    Heres my tire write up. BFG & Dunlop.

    I ran the Dunlop Mud Rovers for 3 years. I didn't have any problems with tire wear mostly due to the fact I had to replace three during that time due to sidewall punctures. One I cut clean open from the bead to the tread, the sidewall was only about an 1/8 thick. In the long run it would have...
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    D1 cruise control vac pump

    I was having issues with my pump as well and was able to fix it. There are two nipples coming off a diaphragm at the end of the pump, (one splits the other is straight, I think). At the base of each nipple is a one way valve. One only lets air in the other only let?s air out. In the case of my...
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    Quick Cruise Question

    When I was chasing down cruise issues on my D1 after a wheeling trip, it ended up being the check valves in the pump were leaking due to mud entering through the vent. It is easy to check if they are sealing- Pull the pump out and use a hose to try and blow into and then pull vacuum on each...
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    D1 MPG survey...

    On my 95 DI I kept track of it for over 26,170 miles and I averaged 13.19 mpg combined city/highway/offroad. The high was 19.1 mpg and low was 4.4 mpg. That was a mixture of both with stock tires and 31's and all stock gearing. Now with 35X12.5R15 MTR's and 4.56 gears I am averageing between...
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    Dunlop Mud Rovers - Yay or Nay?

    I have run the 245/75 mud rovers on my D1. They did work well but the 2 ply sidewall is more prone to damage. I destroyed two of them in one week of wheeling in CO. One was cut clean by a rock from the bead to the edge of the tread. The other had a puncture in the sidewall that took two plugs to...
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    Where Is Everyone Located?

    All alone in WI and my pin is miles from my place.
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    increased gas mileage?

    You guys would not believe some of the people that build these things. Working at a emission test lab you see a new one about every year. Some guy would show driving his ford excursion and claim it was getting 50 mpg with his gas ionizer so you run a federal emission test on it, charge the guy...