2020 Defender


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Apr 20, 2004
Back in the USA; Rockwood, PA
On my last visit to South Africa my wife was driving our D110 back to Durban from the Drakensberg when the skies opened up and we got caught in a heavy rain storm. The temperature dropped sharply. The Defender's climate control wasn't doing much (perhaps it couldn't keep pace with the ingress of cold air) and my wife had a waterfall of rain runoff cascading over her feet.
We visited the old Defender plant while living in Brasil and one of the pride points was their vehicles were better built than the ones from GB. They really didn’t leak in rain storms which living in a rain forest happened often.

No doubt the new one will be civilized yet the old one could be built well.


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Aug 7, 2016
So reading these replies and looking at currents trends this is where I see the powers that be at LR taking the Defender.

Driver arrives at trailhead. Starts Defender's 'Trails" program.

On the screen... "Welcome, please choose your options carefully as improper selections could adversely affective your offroad experience".

Terrain, please choose one: rocky, sandy, water ford, rutted trail, hills, etc,,,,

Conditions, please choose the most prevalent. If more than one is chosen Defender will choose between available options. Hardpan, mud, deep water, ect...

Please touch Enter when ready.... compiling......... compiling........ compiling.......

Defender is ready. Please refrain from touching the steering wheel or depressing the brake pedal or throttle while Defender negotiates obstacles. Thank you and enjoy your offroad experience brought to you by "thebest4x4byfar".