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    98 LSE D1 with a rebuilt motor, Save It!

    I bought it guys. I need a project to take my mind off the rest of my life...
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    Help with wiring Bitching Betty to DI!

    Toran, Where are you in Ohio? You might find some assistance with this over on the Green Oval Guild page in FB. (At worst, you can hook up with those guys and see what they think in person at one of their monthly breakfast/coffee meetings.)
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    Uber rare: Safety Devices Discovery Series I Expedition Roof Rack

    I've taken at least a couple trail run with Rob and this rack. Simply being in its presence resulted in me growing more chest hair. What could possibly be more macho than that? ��
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    ROVERS Club Fall Robesonia Trials Event Oct. 22-23, 2016

    I remember nothing of which you speak. ;-)
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    Rovers on the Rocks 8 - Bigger, Better, Faster

    Thanks. Yeah, I saw that. We picked his truck up Monday night in Somerset PA. It's bad, but fixable. (Easier to fix than swapping stuff to a new D2...) Tonight a guy called me about a clean 2000 D2 in the same color as Bob's that was available for cheap (blown HG + needs per steering pump and...
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    ROVERS Club Fall Robesonia Trials Event Oct. 22-23, 2016

    This event was awesome as always!
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    Rovers on the Rocks 8 - Bigger, Better, Faster

    Come on out. It's a good time, and you'll learn a lot about your truck.
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    Rovers on the Rocks 8 - Bigger, Better, Faster

    You won't need a yeti at Rausch in November. It's likely everything will freeze solid without a cooler....
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    Returning P0130 code

    Digging around here it looks like PT says I was mis-informed. If he says so, then I'd tend to believe him over what I've read on the various forums...
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    Lincoln Tarantino, Britland Parts. Transact no business!

    All, Be warned. Lincoln Tarantino has been up to his old tricks and this time it's one of my friends that is getting screwed. He isn't a member here, so I'm posting this on his behalf and as a warning to everyone else. My friend (Bob Pullar) purchased a p38 bumper from Lincoln last year...
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    Question for the vendors here

    That's how I got my diffs from a 5 gal bucket with the lid screwed in place with dry wall screws and taped shut.
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    Top Gear Presenters

    Agree with what you've all said above, but honestly, I've thought Clarkson, Hammond, and May were looking like they weren't really enjoying it anymore. IDK why, but something had changed over the last few seasons. Maybe it was the frequent episodes where one of them wouldn't be on for entire...
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    $35,000 d2

    Holy shit...I can just imagine how much fun it must be with that crap bolted onto the top...I'll bet the center of gravity will make it flop on its side every time you go around a bend in the trail, let alone anything off-camber. ...and you could use the Sprinter to tow your regular off-road...
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    ROVERS Club Spring Robesonia Trials April 25th

    Ha! Fair warning...If you show up in this, I'm stealing the keys and giving them to Jensen Kase to run the course in it. LOL
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    2004 Disco HSE7 w/ ARB $3,500 - Chattanooga

    More pics showing interior, undercarriage, etc? When was the last time the HG was replaced? I can't imagine at 130k that the one in the engine is the original...