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    body lifts

    Scorpion racing uk,HD coils from LR,Bearmach uk. You live still in the country where LR`s are built. So many aftermarket. greets from good old germany -OTTO-
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    Lifting my Disco I

    Hallo Pharaohdisco! Hab bis jetzt keinerlei Probleme mit den silencern offroad. (3"Bearmach HD coil +4cm spacer+silencer) Gr??e nach Kairo! P.S.: Dein Deutsch ist hervorragend! ;) -OTTO-
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    Lifting my Disco I

    Good morning ! I got 2 on each spring. @Pharaohdisco remember the Discos exported to USA are more comfortable then the others for the rest of the world. :D greetings to Cairo from good old Germany -OTTO-
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    Lifting my Disco I

    @Pharaohdisco Also known as silencer! between coil and axel= no metalic sound! They bring a lift about 1/2 ". greets to Cairo -OTTO-
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    Lifting my Disco I

    The 265/75 is wider! All other things are the same. greets -OTTO-
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    Battery Problem ... Maybe

    Batterie down-buy a new one! greets -OTTO-
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    Front Recovery Points

    Use jate-rings. Its the best way to recover a Disco! greets -OTTO-
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    Do you need brake lines with 3in springs and 10in shocks?

    @Pharaohdisco:when he puts on 10" shocks and use them,he will remove the sway-bar! :D :D :D :D greets -OTTO-
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    Do you need brake lines with 3in springs and 10in shocks?

    Pro comp 9000ES but only 4"longer. And you need extended brakelines if you want do all things!!!!!! greets -OTTO-
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    Repainting bumpers, sliders, etc...

    First zinc and than powdercoat it. ;) greets -OTTO-
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    front shaft ?

    Its not longer its double! greets -OTTO-
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    clunking when on/off gas?

    Could it be your driveshaft? greets -OTTO-
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    greasing nipples on driveshaft?

    Its not neccessary to grease your driveshaft with every oil change. But IMHO its a good timing.You don`t forget :D greets -OTTO-
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    spare parts lift

    When the coils are pink purple it could be working! HD coils from RR classic with 8.75 wires,16.75 length, greets -OTTO-
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    spare parts lift

    What colour do the springs have? greets -OTTO-