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    Thermostat Mod 3.0

    Mate looks good. Why didn't you like inline top hose stat? There is a bypass in the sense that the coolant will pump around the heater matrix and I put a small 3mm hole in addition to the stock bleed hole of about the same size. In 41 degree C days it hasn't broken 90 degrees C and most of the...
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    Disco 2 / Cranks but won't start

    I had exactly the same issue. I think the printed circuit board die (dual row). I used a second hand one and all good. Trouble is what do we do when there are no second hand ones. It's a deal breaker. Perhaps get electronic tech to find the fracture and repair. Cheers
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    114:Shuttle Valve Electric Failure

    Option B done a few years ago. Nil problems until now.... --Current Faults----> Active Faults: None Logged Faults: None <-END Faults ------------------------------------------------------------ * *...
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    The gift that keeps on giving - mystery coolant leak

    Mate check also radiator tank on that side to see if it's leaking. Check also coolant return hose between expansion tank and top of radiator side tank. You may have already replaced (with something like 5/16th Dayco heater hose). Cheers
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    Budget for a 3.9 rebuild

    Yep another helpful post mate. The OP must be getting a lot out of this. You drop a little gem or advice (or a turd depending on how you look at it) and move on. To the OP do your own research but if you jump on Aulro there is a lot of good advice and good success with studs versus stretch...
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    Budget for a 3.9 rebuild

    Yes. Thanks for meaningfully adding to the thread. I'm sure the OP will appreciate your input.
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    Disco 2 / Cranks but won't start

    Could be fuel pump so test pressure at the valve at back of intake manifold (driver's side for you...passenger side for me). Also I have had the same problem where I first replaced CPS and same as you didnt work. I had no start at all however. I replaced fuel pump - no change. I had to...
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    Budget for a 3.9 rebuild

    Oh...dont forget to be very careful with inserting steel bolts into alloy threads...and if needs be use a tap or better still thread chaser to clean out threads for head studs/bolts. Then use degreaser and blow out and then finish the hole cleaning with CRC brake cleaner and blow out so no...
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    Budget for a 3.9 rebuild

    Mate I just rebuilt the top end of my 4.0 D2 4.6. Attention to detail to ensure mating head and block surfaces are even and clean. I had heads crack detected. All ok. I had new valve stem seals installed. Mine was a very low k motor so no other head work required. I got a set of ARP studs...
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    No Power to fuel pump, no spark, turns over. Seriously confused

    I am having exactly the same problem. Changed to a known good difference. Fuses all good etc. I might try changing the underbonnet fuse box complete and see if that cures it but it is very strange...first thing i will check wiring from CPS. Did any of you guys cure your vehicles non...
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    Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts: My story.

    Old thread I know. Musky do you unpick the diff housing-axle welds and re-position the diff to have it in a straight line with the exit of the double cardin? I lifted my D2 2 inches and then did castor correction - lift caused vibration that a shaft re-co (mins centre ball replacement...
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    Cheapest D2 Fuel Pump?

    Hey mate. Is the australian part number WFX101060-A Cheers
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    Normal and max temp for D1?

    I run a standard thermostat on my d1 and d2 in long as the cooling system is serviced never a problem even towing a 2 tonn boat up steep hills in well over 40 centigrade summer days. I monitor with scangauge II. Cheers
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    little to no heat

    ....maybe instead of just saying you dont have to pull the dash to replace the matrix you should tell us how its done...or do you like the idea that i or someone else would follow up on your post and ask you.