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    Water pumps keep failing.

    Maybe it is my fan clutch. The belt is doesn't feel too tight, the fan clutch is Hyden and is pretty tight. Maybe I'll install one of those Ford fans this time, it will probably keep the truck cooler on really hot days.
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    Water pumps keep failing.

    Don't know what the deal is but my water pumps keep failing. First one was some cheap Napa pump the other two were Airtex from Atlantic British. About every 6K miles the pumps start leaking out of the weep hole. After the pump #2 I changed the fan clutch and a fan, flushed the coolant really...
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    Inline Thermostat Modification No Good?

    I've had the in-line thermostat in my car for over a year and 15K miles. No problems at all.
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    Texaco cold climate PAS fluid vs. Pentosin. Resolved?

    Why not just use the GM cold climate fluid? I've been running it for almost a year with no issues.
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    Transmission Swap

    Just to update everybody, I did install the 4HP24 in my 02 Disco. Everything was plug and play and it is shifting great. I am using my original transmission ECU.
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    04 CDL Switch

    This is what mine looks like. See #12 and #13.
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    04 CDL Switch

    No, the two switches are side by side. They are right next to each other. I'll post a picture tomorrow.
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    04 CDL Switch

    I am installing an 04 CDL transfer case in my 02. The 04 T-Case has two CDL switches. Rave doesn't really explain what makes them different. What switch do I use? Both plugs are the same and my truck has only one connector that will connect to a CDL switch.
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    Cometic Head Gaskets?

    I am thinking of getting Cometic MLS gaskets for my engine. It looks like you can order them in different thickness. Any advice on what I should get? They got 0.027, 0.030, 0.036, 0.040, 0.045 and 0.051.
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    Running Lean

    I am thinking maybe the ECU is bad. I am going to swap the O2 sensors side to side and see if the other bank starts running lean (the O2 sensors are almost new). If I get a used ECU will it need to be coded or is it going to work as is?
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    Running Lean

    Yes, only one side. The side that is lean.
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    Running Lean

    I pulled my exhaust last night and passenger cylinder bank is running lean. There is no carbon inside the exhaust at all. The plugs look all the same and there is no coolant consumption. Now, my exhaust manifold is cracked so I wonder if extra oxygen gets in through the crack and heats up the...
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    Engine swap D2 - NJ

    Do it yourself. You don't need a parts car, just the engine.
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    Upgrade time for the old Rover V8?

    I don't get it. Why does it take so long to rev up with wide open throttle?
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    Water in airbox

    Something isn't right. Check the MAF like others mentioned. I went through water almost up to my grill this summer and no codes.